Milestones in the history of Getinge

The three business areas - Infection Control, Extended Care and Medical Systems - are merged into one single company, Getinge Group.

Infection Control receives double iF Design Award for CENTRIC and Getinge ProSeal.

Infection Control establishes new Global Innovation Center in Gothenburg, Sweden. Acquisition of Altrax Group Limited and Austmel Pty Ltd. Launch of new 86-series washer-disinfector and Automation System. CENTRIC wins Red Dot Award for innovative user-interface.

Acquisition of Trans Medikal Devices Inc. Introduces new patent pending user interface - CENTRIC and launches first model in new range of sterilizers, GSS67, at MEDICA.

Acquisition of SteriTec Products Manufacturing Inc. Getinge SMART range wins Red Dot Design Award.

Local distributor in Singapore is acquired and Getinge Turkey with 12 employees is established.

New market companies established in Korea and Turkey. Acquisition of the US company STS West and Austrian company Odelga. Getinge receives Frost and Sullivan's award for "Excellence in Globalization".

Getinge Infection Control establishes a sales and service company in India. Lancer UK Ltd acquires the company Numac Validation Services, based in Bristol UK, and will be developing joint service products, tools, routines etc for maximum efficiency and operational excellence. This work is being done with the help of a service business development team. Process owners are appointed for our Movex business system.

Getinge International opens a representative office in Dubai to serve healthcare markets in the Middle East and Africa. The sales and service company Getinge do Brazil also formed to establish Getinge Infection Control on the Brazilian market. To increase competitiveness, a decision is taken to move all production of standard pressure vessels from Sweden to our own factory in Suzhou, China, which had already been supplying high-quality pressure vessels to the Chinese market. A newly formed sales company (Getinge Vertrieb und Service GmbH) assumes full responsibility for Infection Control sales and service activities in the healthcare segment in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The Executive Board is established to lead the Infection Control business area. The aims are to boost coordination and teamwork, increase customer focus and create the organizational platforms needed for further development. Number of employees within Getinge Group 10 358 employees and net sales SEK 16,4 billion.Number of employees within Getinge Infection Control 2 866 and net sales increased to SEK 4,4 billion.

Getinge established its own sales company in the Czech Republic to increase its presence in Eastern Europe. Getinge Group has 7 531 employees and net sales exceed SEK 13.0 billion Getinge Infection Control has 2 791 employees and net sales exceed SEK 4,3billion.
The Getinge Academy establishes a training center in Nagano for the Japanese market, and becomes an accredited training company in the UK, reflecting the growing importance of the Getinge Academy.

Getinge acquires the French company La Calhène, thereby advancing its position in the Life Science market. A sales company is established in Singapore to serve the growing markets in South East Asia.

Major investments in China begin, with decisions to establish own manufacturing in Suzhou City and considerably expand the Chinese sales organization. Number of employees within Getinge Group 6 845, net sales SEK 10,8 billion Number of employees within Getinge Infection Control 2 389 and net sales exceed SEK 3,5 billion.

Getinge strengthens its profile as a system supplier. Sterilizer production in France and the US move to Sweden (the US maintains an assembly plant) to boost efficiency. Getinge Group has around 6,600 employees and net sales increased to SEK 9,2 billion. Competence centers for development and production of sterilization and disinfection equipment are established in Getinge and Växjö respectively. The sales force is reinforced with T-DOC specialists.

Getinge launches a program within the Infection Control business area to achieve a more effective production structure for sterilizers. Within the Getinge Group the total number of employees were 5 556 the net sales SEK 8 6 billion. Within Getinge Infection Control the number of employees were 2 364 and Net sales SEK 3 3 billion.

Getinge acquires the French company, ALM, a world-leading manufacturer of surgical lights. This complements the product range offered by the Medical Systems business area. Getinge has around 5,500 employees and sales exceed SEK 8,1 billion.

Getinge's Extended Care business area expands through the acquisition of Parker Bath in the UK, Lenken Healthcare in Ireland and Gestion Techno-Médic in Canada. The German group, Maquet, a world-leading manufacturer of surgical tables, is acquired and forms the basis for a new business area, Medical Systems. Getinge's sales exceed SEK 5 billion and the number of employees is over 5,000.

Getinge acquires 25% of the IT company Lunatronic in Denmark.

Getinge's business area Infection Control expands through the acquisition of Kemiterm in Denmark, MTP in the US, Omasa in Italy, Royal Linden in the Netherlands and SMI/BBC in France. In the Extended Care business area, Pegasus and Egerton in the UK plus Medibol in the Netherlands are acquired. The Wound Care business unit is created in connection with the acquisition of Pegasus. The subsidiary Lifco is distributed among the shareholders.

Carl Bennet becomes the principal owner. The Group achieves sales of over SEK 4 billion and has 3,500 employees.

Getinge acquires the MDT Corporation (USA), which becomes a major part of the Infection Control business area.

Getinge merges with the Swedish company Arjo, specialized and world-leading in products for geriatric care relating to hygiene and patient handling. This was the basis for the future business area, Extended Care. Getinge also acquires Peristel in France and Anzy Sterilizer in South Africa, both active in the hospital sterilization sector. The distribution company, Lic Care (now Lifco) is acquired and forms its own business area. Getinge has sales of around SEK 3 billion and over 2,500 employees.

Getinge acquires the French disinfection company, Lancer, as well as the DSE sales companies in the Netherlands and Belgium. Getinge's sales exceed SEK 1 billion.

Getinge Industrier AB is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. The UK sterilization company British Sterilizer and the French disinfection company Stirn Industries are acquired. Getinge has around 1,000 employees.

Getinge establishes sales companies in Austria and Hong Kong. A sales office is set up in China.

A sales company is established in Poland and sales offices are set up in Slovenia and Italy.

Getinge establishes sales companies in Denmark, Finland and Norway, and acquires the disinfection company Scott Western in England.

Rune Andersson and Carl Bennet acquire the company from Electrolux.