• Physical barrier between the soiled and the clean area.
  • User friendly interface and hands-free operations.
  • Error-proof system.
  • Double door and double asynchronous chambers.
  • Fast cycles and high capacity, up to 6 endoscopes per hour.
  • Data tracking system
  • Easy, safe and secure chemicals handling.

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Getinge ED-FLOW AER (automated endoscope reprocessing) is the world's first true pass-through AER. Equipped with two asynchronous chambers, smarter and faster, the ED-FLOW gives you the ability to reprocess your entire brand and types of flexible endoscopes in an efficient flow through your reprocessing department.

Getinge ED-FLOW AER is the perfect solution for large endoscopy departments, thanks to two separate chambers and short cycles which offers excellent capacity to reprocess 6 endoscopes per hour. True barrier system; built in a wall it gives a physical separation between the dirty and the clean area within the endoscopy department.

Technical data

Measurements - external

Width (Without wall frame) mm / in 1100 /43.3
Depth (Without wall frame) mm / in 942 / 37.1
Height (Without wall frame) mm / in 1909 /75.1

Additional measurements

Water consumption per phase L / Cu ft 3.25 / 0.11
Total power consumption kw 11
Internal water filter µm 0.1



To ensure maximum infection control, you need to consider the whole workflow. That's why we not only offer an endoscope reprocessor, but also a complete reprocessing system including accessories that have been carefully thought through to make things both simple and secure.
Getinge offers everything you need to ensure the best possible hygienic workflow in your reprocessing room.
For more information, please refer to the product brochure under the menu "Information Download" or contact your local Getinge representative.


Connectors setGetinge ED-FLOW AER is designed to reprocess the main types and brands of flexible endoscopes. In collaboration with the major endoscope manufacturers, we have developed a wide range of connectors that are certified Medical Device class 1, thus assuring efficacy and patient safety.
We maintain an updated database of all endoscopes supported on our AER, with descriptions of the necessary connectors to assure efficient cleaning.

Endoscope tray

Connectors trayGetinge's sanitary endocsope trays ensure safe handling as well as perfect and secure reprocessing of your endoscopes.



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