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During the manufacturing process of a medicine, transfer of aseptic products is a delicate task. Getinge has developed the DPTE-BetaBag® as a transfer solution to help with for this application so that production does not stop. Components are inserted via the DPTE® Beta Part system.

The DPTE® BetaBag is basically an integration of the DPTE Beta flange and a bag for isolated transfer of sterile products or waste material. The size, shape and material vary according to component and production parameters. After being filled with components, the bag can be sterilized (e.g. by gamma irradiation) and made ready for connection to the filling line. The system offers safe, bi-directional transfer (e.g. used bags can be used for waste removal), including a continuous supply of sterile components such as rubber stoppers and seals.

Getinge-La Calhène offers a wide range of DPTE® Beta parts in multiple diameters made of various materials (stainless steel, polyethylene, injected plastic) to suit your manufacturing processes and today's sterilization methods. Up to 5 re-connections can be made with sterility maintained. The various configurations and their adaptations provide total security in all fields of confined production.



With a view to optimizing the use of our DPTE® transfer system and containers, we design and develop accessories for easy use and operational safety:


Both transport and docking trolleys for the DPTE containers are available.


Getinge has a range of stainless steel baskets for transferring filling pump needles, plugs, petri disches, etc.

Protection covers

Protection covers and closures for polyethylene containers.

Pressure covers

Protection or pressure covers for seals on autoclavable containers.

Protection of DPTE seals

Protection of DPTE seals for solid transfer (e.g. podwer) by polyethylene or stainless steel systems.


Aseptic filling

DPTE Transfer Port Systems play a key role in Aseptic filling to help in maintaining the sterile integrity inside the isolator. Read more about Aseptic filling...

Stopper and closure processing

Clean, sterile and dry closures, particularly rubber stoppers and plungers, are vital components of parenteral packaging. The DPTE Transfer Port Systems provides sterile transfer. Read more about Stopper and closure processing...



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