Sterilizer Loading Equipment

  • Ergonomic design
  • Flexible
  • PowerDrive (optional on the height-adjustable loading trolley)
  • Semi-automatic loading (optional on the height-adjustable loading trolley)

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Getinge designs loading equipment with ergonomic and process considerations in mind. Loading equipment needs to be safe, easy and comfortable for use by the operator. This includes the loading system and accessories which are an integral part of the complete system. Getinge offers a wide range of sterilizer loading accessories for many diverse applications. Each application has a broad range of operational, functional and design considerations.

For each application, Getinge offers a variety of loading alternatives, from simple sliding shelves to completely automated systems. For laboratories, which typically use smaller autoclaves, sliding shelves, shelf racks and trolley systems are available. For the vivarium, where sterilizers are typically large and pit mounted for direct floor level loading, a general purpose trolley is available for general purpose use and is primarily designed for the clients own animal cage racks. For BioPharmaceutical production environments, for equipment and component processing, design is focused on GMP aspects. Standard racks and trolleys are available as well as custom designed shelves for delicate products.

Automation solutions are also available to help move large and heavy loads.