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  • Getinge Clean Universal

    Getinge Clean Universal Detergent is a low foaming, mild alkaline-based cleaner with surfactants.

  • Getinge Clean Enzymatic

    Getinge Clean Enzymatic detergent is a mild, near-neutral pH cleaner with multi-enzymatic cleaning technology.

  • Getinge Clean Heavy Soil

    Getinge Clean Heavy Soil Detergent is a stronger alkaline-based cleaner, suitable for alkaline-resistant materials such as stainless steel instruments and glass.

  • Getinge Clean MIS Detergent

    Getinge Clean MIS Detergent is a state of the art, multiple enzyme formulation, specifically designed to clean complex, minimal invasive instrumentation.

  • Getinge Clean Prion Detergent

    Getinge Clean Prior Detergent is a state of the art patented enzymatic detergent ensuring complete deactivation of prions.

  • Getinge Clean Manual Plus

    Getinge Clean Manual Plus is an advanced, pH neutral, multi-enzymatic detergent with powerful cleaning and sanitizing properties.