Wash Monitor U/L · Ultrasonic/Lumen Test

  • For use in ultrasonic cleaners / irrigators
  • For use with the re-usable Getinge Assured Wash Monitor F & R holders
  • Test-soil is designed to parallell the removal of blood and tissue from surgical instruments.
  • No harmful components with non-toxic, synthetic soil (no actual blood components from any source are contained in the test-soil)
  • Blue = the cleaning process is insufficient, Clear = the cleaning process is sufficient
  • Recordable

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The Getinge Assured Ultrasonic Wash Monitor U/L checks the cleaning efficiency of lumen instruments in the ultrasonic cleaner. The test is inserted in a re-usable Wash Monitor F Holder to simulate flexible lumen instrument and into the Wash Monitor R Holder to simulate rigid lumen instruments. It is then placed in the ultrasonic cleaner.

Consistent with ISO 15883, routine monitoring of washer-disinfectors.

* Not available for sales in the USA.

Technical data


Order No
Wash Monitor U/L 25 pcs 503865300
Wash Monitor Holder Flexible (F) 1 pcs 503865100

Wash Monitor Holder Rigid (R) 1 pcs




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