Wash Monitor

  • For use in washer-disinfectors
  • For use with the re-usable Getinge Assured Wash Monitor Holder that mimics an instrument
  • Test-soil is designed to parallell the removal of blood and tissue from surgical instruments.
  • No harmful components with non-toxic, synthetic soil (no actual blood components from any source are contained in the test-soil)
  • Red = the cleaning process is insufficient, Clear = the cleaning process is sufficient
  • Recordable

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Our wash monitoring indicators perform routine process performance tests in washer-disinfectors. They monitor all phases of the wash process, including proper spray arm operation, water impingement, proper detergent selection and levels, water temperature and washer loading. Monitoring each shelf of each washer-disinfector enables you to ensure that all facets of the machine are operating properly and that efficient cleaning is achieved. The indicator is inserted into a reusable Wash Monitor Holder and placed face up in a tray.

The indicator is designed to meet the requirements of EN ISO15883.

* Not available for sales in the USA.

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Order No
Wash Monitor 25 pcs 503864500
Wash Monitor 50 pcs 503864600
Wash Monitor 100 pcs 503864700
Wash Monitor holder 6 pcs 503864800



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