Self-seal Pouch

  • Superior barrier with 60gsm medical grade paper
  • Reinforced film to avoid tearing during opening
  • Triple band seal for higher package integrity
  • Accurate and non-toxic external process indicator

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Getinge Pack Self-seal Pouches are intended to provide healthcare workers with an effective method to enclose medical devices intended for sterilization in steam, ethylene oxide (EO) or formaldehyde sterilization. Self-seal pouches are pre-folded and assure accurate and fast seal without the requirement of a heat sealing machine. Made of multilayer PET/PP film and high grade medical paper they provide an effective microbial barrier for all your processed hospital instruments. Water based and non-toxic Type I process indicators on the paper surface ensure an accurate visual confirmation by color change and will help to differentiate between processed and unprocessed packages. A wide range of standard sizes allows you for optimum choice of a correct-sized pack for each instrument and for double packing purposes.

Getinge Pack Self-seal Pouches are CE marked and in compliance with international standards like ISO 11607-1, ISO 11140-1 and EN 868-5.

* Not available for sales in the USA.

Technical data

Ordering Information

Order no
Self-seal Sterilization Pouch, 9 x 13 cm 6005500041
Self-seal Sterilization Pouch, 9 x 23 cm 6005500042
Self-seal Sterilization Pouch, 10 x 28 cm 6005500043
Self-seal Sterilization Pouch, 13 x 38 cm 6005500044
Self-seal Sterilization Pouch, 14 x 28 cm 6005500045
Self-seal Sterilization Pouch, 15 x 30 cm 6005500046
Self-seal Sterilization Pouch, 20 x 41 cm 6005500047
Self-seal Sterilization Pouch, 25 x 38 cm 6005500048
Self-seal Sterilization Pouch, 30 x 45 cm 6005500049
Self-seal Sterilization Pouch, 33 x 46 cm 6005500050



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