Bowie-Dick Test Card TT Table-top sterilizers

  • Packaged in a sterilization pouch
  • Clear color change – purple-to-green
  • Saves space
  • Environmental friendly
  • Lead free and no toxic heavy metals
  • Recordable
  • Cost effective
  • Conforms to EN ISO 867-5

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The Getinge Assured Bowie-Dick Test Card TT (table-top) is specially packaged for daily monitoring and detection of residual air in small pre-vacuum steam sterilizers operating at 134°C. Residual air can inhibit pre-vacuum steam sterilization. The special pouch packaging prevents the indicator card from being exposed to excessively wet steam conditions that are sometimes present in small steam sterilizers.

The metal ring provided with each bag of indicator cards is attached through a hole punched in each pouch. The ring provides weight/stabilization to the pouch and indicator, which prevents it from being moved around inside the sterilizer chamber.

* Not available for sales in the USA.

Technical data


Order No
Bowie-Dick Test Card TT 134°C, 1 ring and 15 test-cards 504052300
Size individual package: L 86mm, W 86 mm



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