Self-Contained Biological Test Pack

  • Self-contained ampoule with growth medium
  • 24 hr incubation
  • Consistent with EN ISO 11138
  • Emulator card can be used for permanent record
  • Biological Indicator for use in Multi-Incubator

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The Getinge Assured Self-Contained Biological Test Pack (Steam) is designed as a process challenge device (PCD) specifically for biological testing of 134°C pre-vacuum steam sterilizers. The test pack consists of a Self-Contained Biological Indicator EZTest® containing 105 Geobacillus Stearothermophilus inside a small package of porous and nonporous materials, simulating the biological indicator test packs as defined by AAMI ST79. When used as directed, the Chemical Emulator Record Card gives immediate visible indication that sterilizing conditions were met.

* Not available for sales in the USA.

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Order No
Self-Contained Biological Test Pack, 30 tests packs & 5 control SCBI's 504054600



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