Green Tape Steam

  • Tape for sterilization packages
  • Enviromental friendly
  • Green tape does not contain lead
  • 2 widths, 18 mm and 24 mm
  • Color change green-to-black
  • Consistent with EN ISO 11140-1, Type 1

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The Getinge Assured Green Tape (Steam) can be used in 121°C gravity sterilizers and 132°-135°C pre-vacuum sterilizers. Stripes turn black after exposure to steam sterilization conditions, thus providing identification of processed items.

* Not available for sales in the USA.

Technical data


Order No
Green Tape 18mm Steam, 48 rolls per box 6001154902
Green Tape 24mm Steam, 36 rolls per box 6001154903



Getinge Assured

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