Issue Management Paper

There are many factors that affect CSSDs,TSSUs and other sterile departments' performances. As a competence provider, Getinge aims to share our knowledge through these issue management papers. They identify an issue within the Healthcare market and some possible solutions. The issues that are identified in these papers could occur in CSSDs, TSSUs or other sterile supply departments as well as other departments who use Getinge's equipment in any way.

Below you will find information about Getinge's Issue Management Papers. You can choose to download them directly or read more about them.

Issue Management Paper - Detergents (PDF-document, 653 kB)
A solid understanding of the chemical characteristics of different hospital-specific detergents and how they interact with other elements determines the success of a decontamination strategy. More information

Issue Management Paper - Water Safety (PDF-document, 600 kB)
When it comes to water safety, recent events and growing demands for quality assurance drive the need for a multidisciplinary team approach and comprehensive training. More information

Issue Management Paper - Water Quality (PDF-document, 694 kB)
Water is a central part of cleaning, disinfection and steam sterilization processes, but it's also the primary culprit in the deterioration and wear of medical instruments and equipment. More information