Issue Management Paper - Detergents

Successful decontamination: using the right detergent in the correct way

Selecting the right detergent ensures that surgical instruments and medical devices are effectively cleaned but not damaged in the process. However, the difference between sterile and contaminated does not only come down to this. You have to use the optimal detergent in the right quantity and circumstances and know how it will interact with other materials.

This requires a combined understanding of water quality and its effect on instruments, and an expertise in a wide range of medical device detergent formulations, their roles in the washing process, and a good knowledge of all necessary standards and policies. This Issue Management Paper discusses several issues that can occur with detergents. Getinge Academy also has a training program that can help you obtain these insights.


Detergents - The right detergents can make the difference between sterile and contaminated (PDF-document, 653 kB)