Getinge 9100-series

Models: 9120, 9125, 9128 & 9122

  • Superior cleaning using 128 spray jets on 16 evenly distributed lateral sweeping, vertical tubes
  • Fast cycles allow for cleaning, disinfecting and drying more carts in less time
  • Intermediate level thermal disinfection (A0 600) standard for patient and staff safety
  • Patented manifold docking system for instrument and utensil carts with integrated spray arms
  • Full-view, automatic sliding glass door
  • User-friendly controls
  • EN ISO 15883 compliant

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Getinge 9100-series floor-loading cart & utensil washer-disinfectors provide an unmatched combination of cleaning efficacy, fast cycle times, safety and user-friendly controls. For the user, this means productive, cost efficient operation combined with reliability and efficiency in daily activities.

The automatic sliding glass door gives a full view of the chamber while saving floor space by eliminating manually hinged doors.

Technical data

Measurements - internal

Models 9120 9125 9128 9122*
Chamber width mm / in 960 / 37.7 960 / 37.7 960 / 37.7 1170
Chamber depth mm / in 2000 / 78.7 2500 / 98 2850 / 112 2200
Chamber height mm / in 1997 / 78.7 1997 / 78.7 1997 / 78.7 2197
* = Not available in the US.

For furher details, please consult your Getinge representative.


Loading equipment

Several different carts are available to effectively clean, disinfect and dry the wide variety of containers, utensils and instruments that can be processed in the 9100-series washer-disinfectors

Universal container cart

Universal cartThis four-level stainless steel, ergonomic cart uses adjustable support bars to position containers, basins and other utensils for effective cleaning by the lateral spray nozzles in the cart-washer. The flexible design easily accommodates items of various sizes, while maximizing productivity.

Manifold docking wash-carts

Manifold dockingManifold docking wash-carts are designed to provide cleaning for more heavily soiled items utilizing the 9100 manifold docking system and the integrated spray arms that are mounted under each shelf. Carts are available in various configurations to handle different load types (e.g. Transport bins, containers, instruments, etc.)



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