Getinge Clean Sink Dosing (CSD)

  • Eliminates waste arising from deviations in manual dosing solutions
  • Ensures effective chemical concentration levels
  • Alerts user if cleaning solution temperature falls outside the effective range for the detergent
  • Compatibility with Getinge Clean Enzymatic and Getinge Clean Universal detergents
  • Remote switch or foot pedal for easy and ergonomic operation (optional)
  • Easy to install

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Getinge Clean Sink Dosing (CSD) is a multi-purpose, easy-to-operate detergent dosing system for improved process control of manual sink-cleaning applications.

Getinge CSD delivers Getinge Clean Enzymatic detergents into a pre-cleaning sink for soaking and manual cleaning of various items. The dosage system uses a microprocessor-controlled peristaltic pump to deliver the exact amount of process chemicals, at the optimal temperature and dilution, in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer.

The Getinge CSD unit is easy to install and, subject to local regulations, is typically mounted on the wall behind the sink. The unit can also be used to dispense detergent to ultrasonic baths and automatically refilled via Getinge's central dosage system – Getinge Clean Management System (CMS).

* Not available for sales in the USA.



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