Getinge Chemical incident kit

  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Chemical resistance to peracetic acid and chlorine dioxide
  • Highly absorbent materials
  • Built-in eyelets for wall hanging
  • Easy to recognize for immediate containment

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The Getinge Chemical incident kit has been designed to provide fast and effective spill containment whilst ensuring the utmost safety in wards, endoscopy departments, labs and other environments.

The response kit provides the user with everything required to control a small (5 liter) chemical spill safely and effectively. To secure the maximum protection to the user, the personal protective equipment (PPE) supplied within the kit has been selected specifically for its chemical resistance to peracetic acid and chlorine dioxide. In the same way, the absorbent materials included have been chosen for their highly absorbent qualities in combination of being compatible with the chemicals they are likely to come into contact with.

Use the built-in eyelet to hang the kit on a wall in close proximity to areas where chemicals are managed or stored to enable prompt response and clean-up of spills.

* Not available for sales in the USA.

Technical data

Components included in the bag:

Item: Quantity:
Chemical resistant goggles 2 pairs
Chemical resistant gauntlets 2 pairs
Chemical resistant suit 1 pcs
Chemical resistant overshoes 2 pairs
Disposable half mask respirator (acid vapours) 2 pcs
Chemical absorbent pads 5 pcs
Chemical absorbent booms 2 pcs
Hazardous waste bags incl. cable ties 5 pcs
Barrier tape 5 meters
No entry signs 2 pcs
Plastic outer bag 1 pcs
Mop frame 1 pcs
Telescopic mop handle 1 pcs
User instructions 1 pcs



System accessories

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