Getinge da Vinci solution

  • Verified by Intuitive Surgical reprocessing instructions for 5 and 8 mm Si and 8 mm Xi EndoWrist instruments
  • Clean and disinfect up to 8 EndoWrist instruments (two full operation sets + two spare)
  • Block unused connections for EndoWrist instruments
  • Water pulsation program
  • Detergent that break down and remove stubborn biofilm

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The Getinge da Vinci® solution is based on the Getinge 8668 and 88 Turbo washer-disinfectors, a multi-tasking system that allows you to process EndoWrist® instruments and most other kinds of surgical instruments in the same washer-disinfector, all with totally reliable results.

The Getinge da Vinci solution consists of four "cornerstones": the washer-disinfector,
a special detergent, a unique customized processing program and a special wash-rack. When used together, these four cornerstones comprise a tested and verified solution, approved by Intuitive Surgical to be used as a part of the reprocessing instructions of EndoWrist instruments.

* Not available for sales in the USA.



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