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We offer a wide range of washer-disinfectors, most of which are available both in single door versions and as pass-through models. All of them offer superior cleaning and disinfection with an excellent and reliable result.

  • Getinge WD14 Tablo

    Fully automated microprocessor controlled tabletop washer-disinfector.

  • Getinge WD15 Claro

    Under-counter washer-disinfector of up to 6-DIN trays.

  • Getinge 46-series

    Compact washer-disinfector, with a good capacity level of up to 10 DIN trays.

  • Getinge WD46 Turbo

    Fast and compact washer-disinfector of up to 10 DIN trays.

  • Getinge 88 Turbo

    Ensures fast and superior cleaning and disinfection of a load of up to 15 DIN-trays.

  • Getinge CM320-series

    High-performance multi-chamber index washer-disinfector up to 15 DIN-trays.

  • Getinge 86-series

    The new Getinge 86-series is a smarter washer-disinfector – specifically designed to meet the challenges faced by CSSDs, clinics and practices worldwide.