Getinge 88 Turbo

  • Higher throughput
  • Excellent loading capacity 15 DIN-trays
  • Ergonomic, safe loading
  • Automatic drying sensor
  • Handles a variety of goods

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Getinge 88 Turbo ensures superior cleaning and disinfection of loads of up to 15 DIN trays. By eliminating added non-value time in the cycle and preheating of final rinse water, Getinge 88 Turbo achieves remarkably shorter cycle times compared to conventional washer-disinfectors.

Better throughput allows optimization of instrument utilization and a potentially increased number of operations. Naturally, the time gain is achieved without affecting the high quality of cleaning, disinfecting and drying. The benefits are obvious: higher throughput and fewer machines needed. And these benefits have a positive impact on your bottom line.

Technical data

Measurements - internal

Chamber volume (gross) L / Cu ft 470 / 16.6
Chamber volume (effective) L / Cu ft 340 / 12.0
Chamber width (effective) mm / in 650 / 25.59
Chamber depth (effective) mm / in 800 / 31.49
Chamber height (effective) mm / in 667 / 26.26
DIN 1/1* trays/load pcs 15
SPRI I** trays/load pcs 10
* = DIN 1/1 = 480x250x50mm
**=SPRI I=450x340x70mm

Measurements - external

Width mm / in 1270 / 50
Depth mm / in 990 / 38.9
Height mm / in 1870 / 73.6


Maximum throughput with minimal labor

Getinge's range of loading and unloading equipment includes excellent trolleys and provides high transport safety. Totally focused on users' needs, it assures the best possible ergonomics in your daily work.
For more information, please refer to the loading brochures under the menu "Downloads" or contact your local Getinge representative.

Instrument wash-carts

Washcart5Modular design and interchangeable parts make it easy to adapt the carts to a wide variety of instruments and other goods. Carts can be expanded with modules for tubular instruments, bowls, shoes and anesthesia accessories.

MIS modules

The system consists of MIS modules in different shapes, enabling you to configure your loading equipment to meet your requirements. There are four module shapes: I, L, U and Center modules.MIS I-ModuleCenter rack

Getinge Air Glide System (AGS)

AGS DisinfectionThe principle of the Getinge AGS is "no waiting". The system handles all loading, program selections and unloading automatically. When a unit becomes available, the shuttle automatically picks up the next wash-cart and delivers it to the open washer-disinfector. And, automatically the washer-disinfector sets to the correct program to help minimize human error. If for any reason a wash-cart is urgently needed, the system permits manual loading for rush goods.
Please read more about Getinge AGS under the related products.

SMART fixed-height loading trolley for disinfection

  • SMART FHT Disinfection
  • Automatic washable
  • One model for several washer-disinfectors
  • Silent and easy to maneuver



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