Inspection & Packing

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Inspection & Packing

The tables and accessories are developed especially for work in the packaging area; for sorting, inspection and packaging of various sets of surgical instruments. The Getinge range of tables is designed with flexibility, ergonomics and functionality in mind.

  • Linen inspection & folding table

    An inspection and folding table for linen equipped with a smart illuminated plastic inspection surface for detection of rips and tears in hospital linen.

  • Paper-dispenser trolley

    Movable trolley for storing of 4 different sizes of sterilizing wrapping paper sheets at the packing stations.

  • Cutting device

    Roll dispensers used for both storage and cutting of clear-view packaging materials. Available in three different lengths for wall or table-top use.

  • Inspection lamp

    High quality magnifying lamps, suitable for inspecting delicate instruments.

  • Stereo magnifiers

    High-end range of magnifiers using eyepiece-free technology for high-resolution viewing.