T-DOC 1000 SDM

  • Traceability of sterile goods in the CSSD and to the patient
  • Advanced on-screen packing instructions for users
  • Built-in security check for correct sterilization
  • Significantly reduced human error in the CSSD production
  • Extensive management reporting possibilities
  • Complete control of instrument repair and procedures
  • Best-in-class T-DOC service solutions based on customer requirements

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T-DOC 1000 SDM – the sterile supply & first-level traceability solution from Getinge – gives you full control of all processes, actions and actors that your instruments encounter during processing in the CSSD. The modular design can be customized to meet your specific requirements. T-DOC 1000 SDM facilitates your entire sterile supply production cycle, enabling you to significantly boost efficiency and quality assurance.

* Not available for sales in the USA.



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T-DOC 1000 SDM

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