T-DOC Platinum Service

  • Easy access to T-DOC hotline, support system and remote connection support
  • Priority support in extended support hours, plus
  • Guaranteed maximum 4-hour response time
  • Complete update and upgrade to the latest T-DOC version
  • Monthly pro-active remote system health-check
  • Yearly 2-day on-site visit
  • Full service of T-DOC hardware (including repairs) – optional
  • T-DOC emergency call number support (not applicable in the US)

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Image T-DOC Platinum Service


T-DOC Platinum Service – the top-of-the-line T-DOC service & support solution from Getinge – gives you the highest return on your investment, as well as the greatest value and the smoothest operation of your T-DOC system. T-DOC Platinum Service Agreements guarantee you the fastest response time and easy access to support during extended opening hours. Additionally, you are entitled to use our free-of-charge T-DOC emergency call number for critical T-DOC issues outside our opening hours. T-DOC Platinum Service caters to facilities working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and who require the highest level of T-DOC service support.