T-DOC Silver Service

  • Easy access to T-DOC hotline, support system and remote connection support
  • Priority support in extended T-DOC support hours
  • Guaranteed next-business-day response time
  • Complete update and upgrade to the latest T-DOC version
  • Yearly pro-active remote system health-check

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Image T-DOC Silver Service


T-DOC Silver Service – the advanced T-DOC service & support solution from Getinge – enables you to maximize the performance of your T-DOC system as you are provided with both reactive and proactive support services to enhance your T-DOC system. T-DOC Silver Service agreements guarantee you next-business-day response times and easy access to your local T-DOC support staff through our hotline and online services in extended T-DOC support hours. T-DOC Silver Service ensures the optimal performance of your T-DOC system.