Sterilizer AGS

  • Fully automated system
  • Single-point loading and unloading
  • Secure and controlled sterilization process
  • Dedicated, integrated control systems
  • Maximum uptime
  • Ergonomic work procedure

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This fully automated system boosts the throughput of multiple, pass-through Getinge HS66- and HS69-series sterilizers, while saving floor space. And no supervision is needed!
Goods placed on loading platforms or shelf racks are transferred to a loading conveyor at a single point in the clean area, and don't have to be manually moved again. As soon as a sterilizer is available, a shuttle along the loading side picks up the next load and delivers it to the sterilizer, then starts the correct sterilization process. Another shuttle along the unloading (sterile) side handles the sterilized loads. Urgently needed goods can still be loaded manually.



Loading platform

The Getinge Sterilizer AGS system can use a loading platform to carry the goods through the sterilizers. This is designed as a stainless steel frame on wheels, where baskets, containers or packs can be placed. The loading platform is used in a circulating flow, and is thus returned to the clean, loading side after the sterilization process.

Shelf rack

The shelf rack allows goods to be pre-loaded outside the sterilizer chamber, often next to the inspection and packing table. This simplifies the workload while minimizing the risk of staff contact with the hot chamber wall.

Transfer table

This is used to hold a loading platform or shelf rack, before or after the single hatch. A loading trolley is attached and locked to the transfer table while the loading platform or shelf rack is being transferred.

Single hatch

The return of loading platforms or shelf racks can be arranged with a single hatch to separate the clean, packaging area and the sterile storage area.

Pass-through chamber hatch

The pass-through chamber hatch works as a barrier between unloading and loading sides when returning the loading platform or shelf rack to the packaging area, but also adds the airlock functionality.

Loading Equipment


Height-adjustable loading trolley

The height-adjustable loading trolley has the same top as the fixed loading trolley, but for manual loading and unloading of goods, this trolley can be adjusted to a comfortable, ergonomic working height, then quickly raised or lowered to the correct loading height for transfer to the Getinge sterilizer.

Fixed loading trolley

This is Getinge's standard loading trolleys of fixed height. The top is made of reinforced stainless steel, for easy cleaning and durability.



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