Low-Temp Sterilizers

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Low-Temp Sterilizers

Our range of sterilizers also combines high-capacity routine steam sterilization with the unique option of low-temperature sterilization of heat-sensitive items. These sterilizers offer great flexibility and are manufactured to meet the world's toughest standards of quality and safety.

  • Getinge HS66 Turbo Combi

    High- and low-temperature sterilization in one machine! Chamber volume up to 595 litres.

  • Getinge HS66 LTSF

    Low-temperature sterilizer with a chamber volume of up to 595 litres.

  • Getinge GSS67F

    Getinge GSS67F performs chemical sterilization using steam and formalin (formaldehyde dissolved in water) – a very safe and well-proven method. Having both high- and low-temperature sterilization in one machine offers great opportunities to save space and money.

  • Stericool

    Stericool low-temp sterilizers employ patented technologies to deliver rapid and safe sterilization for delicate, heat and moisture-sensitive instruments.