Getinge HS66 Turbo Combi

Models: HS6610 Turbo Combi, HS6613 Turbo Combi

  • High- and low-temperature sterilization in the same machine
  • Well-tested low-temperature sterilization process
  • Compliance with the world's toughest standards
  • Outstanding flexibility and operating simplicity
  • Superior capacity-to-space ratio

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Getinge HS66 Turbo Combi is an example of how we study the everyday needs of hospitals and clinics, and then develop a unique concept to help you do more with less. By having both high- and low-temperature sterilization in one machine, you can save time and money. First, we've integrated a well-proven sterilization process for heat-sensitive goods into a high-capacity steam sterilizer. This creates flexibility and allows you to utilize your equipment to the maximum. Secondly, we've used our innovative Turbo technology to reduce process times by approximately 50%. And shortened lead times mean increased throughput.

* Not available for sales in the USA.

Technical data

Chamber dimensions

Getinge sterilizer model
HS6610 Turbo Combi
HS6613 Turbo Combi
Chamber volume -1
l./cu.ft. 461/16.3 595/21
Chamber volume -2
l./cu.ft. 449/15.9 584/20.6
Chamber width
mm/in 672/26.5 672/26.5
Chamber depth
mm/in 1000/39.4 1300/51.1
Chamber height
mm/in 672/26.5 672/26.5
1 STE = 600x300x300 mm 6 8
1 ISO = 600x400x200 mm 6 9
1 SPRI = 585x395x195 mm 6 9



Getinge offer a wide range of accessories for the HS66 Turbo Combi-series. Please contact your local Getinge representative for details.

As a complete solution provider, Getinge offers complete, efficient, economical, ergonomic handling systems for baskets as well as containers. The systems may be used separately or in combination, and are available with manual or automatic loading and unloading.

Getinge AGS for sterilizers

Getinge AGS for sterilizers is a completely automatic loading and unloading system for your large sterile processing department or CSSD. You simply leave the goods at a loading point on the clean side and pick them up at an unloading point on the sterile side. The system handles all loading, program selection and unloading automatically.

Automatic loading/unloading

Space- and labor-saving, in-line automatic loading units that start a pre-set sterilization program for a particular load. The unit also serves as temporary pre-storage in front of the sterilizer, to collect full loads. When the sterilizer is ready for a new process, the collected full load is automatically transferred into the sterilizer chamber, the sterilizer door is closed and the preset sterilization process starts.

Fixed loading trolley

These fixed, standard Getinge loading trolleys are available in various lengths adapted for the corresponding sterilizer chamber depth. The top is made of reinforced stainless steel, for easy cleaning and long-life support, and the trolley is designed to fit easily with the sterilizer. The load is secured to the top and releases instantly when the trolley locks to the chamber rail of the sterilizer.

Height-adjustable loading trolley

This trolley has the same top as the fixed loading trolley, but can be lowered to a comfortable, ergonomic height for manual loading, as well as quickly leveled to correct height for loading to the sterilizer. The height is easily adjusted by an electrical piston placed by the handle. The battery is easily recharged with a mains adapter and is designed for recharging twice a week in "normal" usage.



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