A110 & A160

  • Process validation
  • Single and double door models
  • In-chamber plasma
  • Front* and side-loaded H20 sterilant (*option)
  • 3 Pre-programed sterilization cycles for broad spectrum of instruments
  • Easy to install thanks to its mobility and plug-and-play solution

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The Stericool sterilizers are Getinge's new technologically advanced and yet affordable solution for low temperature sterilization. Stericool sterilizers employ patented technologies to deliver rapid and safe sterilization for delicate, heat-sensitive, and moisture-sensitive instruments.

Stericool H20 offers a wide portfolio of different sizes of sterilizers and three choice of programs from fast, standard and advanced sterilization combined to a complete range of consumables.

Our long-term commitment to our customers and the full support from our global and well-trusted sales & service network make Stericool a truly reliable choice.

Technical data

110 L 160 L
External dimensions (WxDxH) 1910x680x864 mm 1910x680x864 mm
Chamber dimensions (WxDxH) 435x440x730 mm 530x490x735 mm
Internal chamber dimensions (WxDxH) 400x405x710 mm 500x460x710 mm
Effective usable volume 110 L 160 L
Weight 370 kg 400 kg



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Stericool A-series

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