Getinge HS44-series

Models: HS4406, HS4410

  • Superior capacity-to-space ratio
  • Built-in steam generator and RO unit
  • Automatic vertical sliding door
  • No supply of compressed air required
  • Compliant with the world's toughest standards
  • User-friendly control system with automatic fault diagnosis
  • Faster service and lower cost

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This compact, flexible hospital sterilizer, which combines high capacity with a small footprint, has been specially designed for the OR/point-of-use sterile processing/TSSU (theater sterile supply units) in central surgery departments. It is also ideal for other point-of-use applications requiring flexible sterilization, e.g. healthcare centers and clinics. Volumes range from 133 to 206 litres (4.7 to 7.4 cu.ft.). Getinge HS44 runs on electricity and water only, i.e. steam and compressed air aren't needed. The construction is compliant with the world's toughest standards.

* Not available for sales in the USA.

Technical data

Internal Measurements

The table shows single-door (-1) and double-door (-2) versions.

Chamber volume
l 137 133 206 201
Chamber width
mm 450 450 450 450
Chamber depth
mm 660 660 1000 1000
Chamber height
mm 450 450 450 450
1 STE = 600x300x300 mm 1,5 1,5 2,5 2,5
1 ISO = 600x400x200 mm 2 2 2 2
1 SPRI = 585x395x195 mm 2 2 2 2

External Measurements

External width
mm 730 730
External depth
mm 900 1240
External height
mm 1850 1850


Getinge HS44-series sterilizers can be adapted for loading and unloading of various types of goods. Fascia panels and inspection doors and other items are available as accessories. Please contact your local Getinge representative for details.

As a complete solution provider, Getinge offers complete, efficient, economical, ergonomical handling systems for baskets as well as containers. The systems may be used separately or in combination, and are available with manual or automatic loading and unloading.



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