Getinge HS69-series

Models: HS6910, HS6913, HS6915

  • Outstanding flexibility and operating simplicity
  • Chamber design adapted to standardized goods carriers and ease of use.
  • Automatic pneumatically operated door. Door slides horizontally to close – a Getinge first – which is faster and saves space, while offering safe, proven, hands-free convenience. Optional automated loading/unloading function.
  • Top-quality modular stainless steel construction. Solid, acid-proof stainless steel chamber and jacket.
  • Superior capacity-to-space ratio
  • New generation of user friendly, high resolution touch screens

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Getinge HS69-series hospital sterilizers are the most versatile, reliable and easy-to-use in the world, combining high capacity with cost-efficiency. Specially designed for central sterile processing/CSSD and OR/point-of-use sterile processing/TSSU, as well as laboratories, these state-of-the-art sterilizers offer great flexibility, with volumes ranging from 612 to 951 liters (21.6 to 33.6 cu.ft.). All pressure vessels in this range of high-vacuum, microprocessor-controlled sterilizers are manufactured in accordance with the specifications of the authorities in your country, and meet the world's toughest standards of quality and safety.

* Not available for sales in the USA.

Technical data

Chamber dimensions

Getinge sterilizer model
Chamber volume


612 827 950
Chamber width
mm 672 672 672
Chamber height
mm 920 920 920
Chamber depth
mm 1000 1350 1540
1 STE = 600x300x300 mm 9 12 15
1 ISO = 600x400x200 mm 8 12 12
1 SPRI = 585x395x195 mm 8 12 12


Loading Equipment

As a complete solution provider, Getinge offers complete, efficient, economical, ergonomical handling systems for baskets as well as containers. The systems may be used separately or in combination, and are available with manual or automatic loading and unloading.

Automatic loading and unloading

Space- and labor-saving in-line automatic loading and unloading systems. The loading unit starts a pre-set sterilization program for a particular load. When the sterilizer is ready, the load is automatically transferred into the chamber, the door closes and the pre-set sterilization process starts. When a sterilization process is finalized, the door opens and the load is automatically moved from the chamber onto the unloading unit.

Getinge Air Glide System

The Getinge AGS for sterilizers is a completely automatic loading and unloading system for your large sterile processing department or CSSD. You simply leave the goods at a loading point on the clean side and pick them up at an unloading point on the sterile side. The system handles all loading, program selection and unloading automatically.

Getinge offer a wide range of accessories for the HS66-series, including a degasing tank, USB storage solution and Getinge Online. Getinge Online gives you insight into the status and performance of your equipment, thanks to real-time access to relevant data.



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