Getinge Quadro

  • B-process in less than 28 minutes – including drying
  • High loading capacity
  • Speed + loading capacity = unsurpassed efficiency
  • Automatic double-locking safety door
  • Small footprint for its capacity
  • User-friendly 8.5" color touchscreen
  • Built in traceability system and label printer connection

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The Getinge Quadro tabletop sterilizer is designed to reprocess more instruments in less time. It is smaller, roomier, faster and easier to use.

Since it offers extremely high capacity in a very small footprint, it's the perfect choice for any clinic or practice where throughput is important but space is at a premium.The quadratic 18-liter stainless steel chamber gives you maximum load capacity, utilizing nearly 100% of the chamber volume. The higher loading capacity is great for productivity. But the real boost comes from combining it with the extremely short process times.

Getinge Quadro supports process release directly on the screen. The user's digital signature is digitally documented together with the specific process in order to ensure traceability. And if you connect a printer, you can print barcode labels with batch numbers to attach to the loads.

* Not available for sales in the USA.

Technical data

Internal measurements

Chamber volume (L / Cu ft) 18 / 0.75
Chamber width (mm / in) 250 / 9.8
Chamber depth (mm / in) 340 / 13.4
Chamber height (mm / in) 250 / 9.8
Capacity trays (pcs/load)* 8
Capacity cassettes (pcs/load)** 5
* Tray = 284 x 183 x 20 mm
** Cassette = 287 x 186 x 39 mm

External measurements

Width (mm / in) 454 / 17.9
Height (mm / in) 480 / 18.9
Depth (mm /in) 575 / 22.6


Loading equipment

A wide range of accessories, including tray holders, handles and other loading aids, allows you to tailor a model to suit your particular applications.
For more information, please refer to brochures under the menu "Downloads" or contact your local Getinge representative.

Tray and container racks

Depending on the tray size, the tray holder may need to be adapted to the existing tray system. Getinge offers a range of different holders made of stainless steel wire.

Support for bags

Tray handles

Accessories for any need

Getinge offers a wide range of accessories for customizing the Getinge Quadro tabletop sterilizer exactly to your needs.For more detailed information, please refer to the separate list under the menu "Download" or contact your local Getinge representative


Stainless instrument trays. Available in different sizes: 310x190x38 mm, 250x170x70 mm or 100x190x38 mm.

Ticket printer and barcode label printer

Thermal printers for process documentation. Barcode label printer features production and expiry date, release signatures and ID.

Cassettes and trays

Cassettes (287x186x39 mm) and standard trays (285x185x19 mm) complete with lids and inserts.



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