Traceability for Sterile Processing in Clinics & Practices

Some of our products have integrated traceability support that makes it really quick and easy to get started with basic traceability. But you can also find more advanced traceability solutions in our portfolio, allowing you to really track and trace your operations and get significant productivity gains.

Perfect planning and optimization of instruments

With Getinge T-DOC, you can document and track all processes of your sterile production of instruments, thus gaining complete control over your daily procedures. As all information is stored digitally in the T-DOC database, you have quick and easy access to your production data. This allows you to simplify workflows and improve quality control.

What our customers say:

"T-DOC 1000 SDM has given us full control over the various stages of our sterile production and heightened the efficiency, accuracy and not the least the safety of our processes. Also, the descriptive T-DOC labels have been very helpful for our personnel."