Consumables for Dental Instrument Reprocessing

We offer a complete and comprehensive range of detergents, which provide efficient and economical output – Get maximum performance.

Validated for maximum performance

When budget demands are tough, you need a supplier that provides the best overall solution to keep your costs down while assuring quality. The Getinge Clean Detergent range has been developed, tested and validated on Getinge washer-disinfectors for instruments to consistently meet EN ISO 15883 standards for cleaning efficiency of goods commonly processed in sterile processing departments and to protect users and patients.

You provide the problem, we provide the solution

In addition, Getinge provides expert consultation services to help you optimize your dosage levels of detergents, improve your processes and assist with product selection. Getinge Clean is a complete range of validated and easy-to-use detergents for optimum cleaning and decontamination. It's a safe and quality-assured choice to enable maximum performance – and an integrated part of Getinge's complete solutions, helping you provide better care at a lower cost.