Endoscope reprocessing – fast and error-proof

As the use of endoscopes increases, so does the risk of infections linked to reprocessing – and with it, the need for "zero tolerance" of cross-contamination. There's only one way to achieve this.


Getinge applies a system approach to endoscope reprocessing, the same approach that has made us the world leader in disinfection and sterilization of reprocessed instruments.

Our three unique, error-proof AERs (automated endoscope reprocessors) – ED-FLOW, ED-FLOW SD and ED900 – represent a breakthrough for infection control in endoscope reprocessing.

Separation of dirty and clean is crucial

Getinge ED-FLOW, a high troughput AER for pass-through layouts with two independent chambers. ED-FLOW is designed to be built in a wall, creating a physical barrier between soiled and clean areas.

Getinge ED-FLOW SD is an AER for single zone reprocessing area with two independent chambers.

In smaller endoscopy clinics where this may not be feasible, Getinge ED900 solves the problem with a lid that allows loading and unloading from opposite sides – thus creating a physical barrier.

Equipment and more

Assuring cost-efficient endoscope processing takes more than just the right equipment. That's why Getinge's complete solutions also include architectural planning, training, traceability, service & support and consumables.

* We do not offer the following solutions in North America