Consumables for Flexible Endoscope Reprocessing

Simplified and safer handling. Our AERs are extra easy to use in everyday work. And changing detergent and disinfectant containers is also much safer – because we've made it impossible to make errors, and we've minimized exposure to chemicals.

High-efficiency detergent

Both Getinge ED-FLOW AER and Getinge POKA-YOKE AER use the detergent Getinge Poka-Yoke DLC, an alkaline detergent with well-documented efficiency for protein and biofilm removal. The 3-liter containers last for 60 cycles.

APERLAN for best disinfection efficacy

The disinfectant used by both Getinge ED-FLOW AER and Getinge POKA-YOKE AER is a single-shot peracetic acid-based APERLAN POKA-YOKE, delivered in two 5 kg containers – one for agent A and one for agent B – enabling safe handling and mixing inside the machine, and lasting for about 80 cycles.

Independently tested

Getinge's endoscope disinfectants have been extensively tested by an independent laboratory (endoscopy specialist) for endoscope compatibility. After exposure to the maximum dosage of disinfectant possible in Getinge AERs, endoscope materials and parts showed no deterioration.