Traceability for Hospital Pharmacy

In today's hospital pharmacies, traceability is a must. Reliable traceability is an advantage. And reliable traceability that is simple to achieve is probably a Getinge solution.

Getinge isolators and integral Getinge Steritrace II HPV sterilizers are both controlled by a single Siemens PLC control system. The single, easily navigated operator panel assures simple operation, minimized errors, and maximized productivity.

How it works

The sterilant (HPV) bottle is fitted with an RFID device containing a batch number and the expiration date of the liquid (H2O2 degrades over time). The generator checks if the date is valid and the batch number is recorded in the process report. Steritrace II provides a reproducible and validatable process for both routine bio-decontamination of the transfer airlock and periodic bio-decontamination of the isolator chamber.

Whatever you need

You can also find other advanced traceability solutions in our portfolio, allowing you to really track and trace your operations and get significant productivity gains and full control over your activities.