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Cleaning & Decontamination

  • GEW Cage and Bottle Washer

    The Getinge GEW Cage and Bottle Washer series is a range of cage and bottle washers capable of cleaning soiled cages, boxes and drinking water bottles for animal care facilities.

Isolation & Containment

  • ISOFLEX-S Isolators

    Getinge developed the ISOFLEX-S softwall isolators to answer your daily needs for sterile handling. These 3 and 4 glove devices allow for a large storage capacity.

  • API Processing Isolators

    Getinge's airtight isolator systems are pre-tested for high levels of reliability. Operators are provided a safe, ergonomic workplace.

Closure Processing

  • Closure Processing System - CPS

    Getinge Closure Processing Systems (CPS) provides an unbroken chain of sterility, for efficient processing of all types of closures in conjunction with medium and high-speed filling lines.

Modular Facilities