GEW Cage and Bottle Washer

Model: GEW C&B

  • Compact cabinet washer, variety of chamber sizes, single or double door
  • Space saving split door design for clear and easy loading
  • Separate wash and rinse hydraulic systems for rapid processing
  • Electrical or steam heating
  • Fully automatic with adjustable parameters for different loads and soiling

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The Getinge GEW Cage and Bottle Washer series is a range of cage and bottle washers capable of cleaning soiled cages, boxes and drinking water bottles for animal care facilities. GEW Cage and Bottle Washers combine high temperature sanitization processes with chemical detergents in a rapid cycle.

The GEW series offers password-protected microprocessor controls to allow our clients optimization of the wash cycle to their exact cleaning requirements according to the items being processed, level of soiling and cleaning agents used. These robust washers use rotating spray manifolds to wash and rinse items.


Cage, rack & bottle processing

A clean and uncontaminated living environment is key for animal care facilities and vivariums. The GEW C&B Series of washers provide cleaning for cages and bottles. Read more about cage, rack & bottle processing...


Vivariums require controlled environments for safe, clean and controlled conditions to protect animals and staff. GEW C&B Series of washers provide cleaning for cages and bottles. Read more about vivariums...

Bedding & diet management

Animal care facilities require clean cages for safe and reliable research. Clean bedding requires clean cages. GEW C&B Series of washers are a key part of the process of bedding and diet management. Read more about bedding & diet management...