Isocyt Freja Isolators

Isocyt freja

  • Provides seperation of process from the environment and operator
  • Protects product quality
  • Maintains sterile environment
  • Less floor space required for preparation area
  • Reduces use of consumables such as gowns and masks
  • Suitable for local hospital pharmacies, cancer clinics and regional production centers
  • Contact Getinge for a life cycle cost analysis

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GETINGE ISOCYT FREJA, with its integrated Getinge Steritrace II H2O2 (HPV) sterilization system, provides a leak-tight aseptic environment for compounding hazardous injectable cytotoxic products, and allows for storage and re-use of opened containers with maintained product sterility. The system also provides rapid bio-decontamination of both the isolator and material transfer airlock.

The wide rear transfer hatch provides easy access for loading large quantities of product. Two adjacent operators work safety and comfortably, with optimized production workflow.

The addition (option) of Drugcam® real-time monitoring and recording system using video film provides traceability, reducing the release process time and reducing errors.


Pharmacy preparations

Many factors are requiring the need for local preparation work in hospital pharmacies. The ISOCYT FREJA is suitable for this type of application. Read more about Pharmacy preparations...

Safe handling of potent chemicals

Potent or toxic chemicals present operator risks. The ISOCYT FREJA assure the safety of those who handle them. Read more about Safe handling of potent chemicals...



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