Lancer LSS series Laboratory Sterilizers

Not for sale in the USA

  • The controller interface is designed to permit easy user access. Multiple displays are arranged on the graphical user interface to provide real-time cycle data in various formats.
  • Full compliance with applicable norms and standards.
  • Individual test cycles are pre-programmed in accordance with industry standards and best practices to provide optimal performance.

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Lancer LSS series is a versatile range of sterilizers, developed for sterilization of various loads used in laboratory, research and animal care facilities. Whether the load is solid goods, glassware or textiles, liquids in open or closed containers, or deactivation of micro-organisms, our sterilization processes provide reliable results and peace of mind.

Designed for extended life-cycle operation, Lancer sterilizers are constructed of high-grade materials inside out. Operating components are oriented for easy access for preventive maintenance to minimize downtime.

Our Lancer LSS Series is available with rectangular chambers from 160 to 670 liter volume to fit small to medium sized laboratories. Both single and double door configurations will allow for proper installation into your facility.

Not for sale in the USA.

Technical data

Model Chamber Dimension (mm) Single Door (mm) Double Door (mm)

Width Height Depth Width Height Depth Width Height Depth
LSS 160 350 670 700 770 1950 1300 770 1950 1235
LSS 180 500 500 724 900 1800 1300 N/A N/A N/A
LSS 250 500 500 1000 900 1800 1600 1100 1800 1500
LSS 420 670 670 942 1050 1950 1600 1250 1950 1440
LSS 555 670 670 1245 1050 1950 1800 1250 1950 1745
LSS 670 670 670 1496 1050 1950 2000 1250 1950 2000


Loading Equipment
Lancer provides a set of suitable loading equipment with each sterilizer as standard. The LSS 160 and LSS 180  models are equipped with L-rails and extendable shelves. The height adjustable shelves slide out half the length of the chamber for easy loading and unloading.

Other models include a shelf rack and a loading trolley to enable smooth handling. All loading equipment has a robust design and is made of AISI 304 stainless steel.

Application areas

Labware cleaning and sterilization
Both process development and quality assurance laboratories require clean and sterile laboratory utensils and glassware. Getinge's offers cleaning and sterilization solutions for many labware applications. Read more about Labware cleaning and sterilization here.