BioPharmaceutical & Medical Device Production

Achieving optimal biopharmaceutical production – with maximum uptime, performance and safeguards against microbial and particulate contamination – places stringent demands on sterile processing equipment.

Complete and dependable sterile process systems

As a global leader in the fields of cleaning, sterilization and isolation technology, Getinge draws from over 110 years of accumulated knowledge to provide the advanced equipment, application skills, documentation, regulatory know-how and support services you can depend on from "concept to compliance".

In fact, Getinge's expertise covers the complete production chain, enabling us to take care of virtually all your needs in the sterile processing of biopharmaceuticals, from material transfer all the way to training and after-sales support. Furthermore, each installation is optimized to your capacity and specifications.

Having a competent single-source supplier for equipment, service and consumables, enables you to maximize the lifecycle economy of your sterile processing equipment.

Vial filling line under isolator