Pharmacy preparations

Many factors are combining to increase the need for local preparation work in hospital pharmacies. Getinge has developed isolators for these types of applications.

The problem

The factors driving this need for local preparation include more cancer treatments, more biotechnology products, more lyophilized drug products, and a trend towards personalized medicines. But while many of these products benefit the patients who receive them in diluted form, they can be toxic to the staff who need to handle them when filling prescriptions. Over time, even minute quantities can accumulate and cause undesirable side-effects, including cancer, spontaneous abortion (miscarriage) and acute effect such as nausea, vomiting. The drugs can be carcinogenic, teratogenic and-or mutagenic.

The solution

Getinge has developed a range of barrier isolators that physically separate the operator from the working environment, keeping the drug product securely within a sterile barrier. This protects the operator and the environment, while simultaneously protecting the product from contamination. It also eliminates the need for a costly sterile clean room. Moreover, remnants in opened containers may be used in later prescriptions as the surrounding environment is sterile (validated).