Sterility testing

Contamination of samples during mandatory sterility testing of parenteral and other sterile preparations / devices is a potentially costly problem. Getinge's ISOTEST isolators can help keep these costs down.

With tight controls in a well managed GMP production area, it is perhaps unlikely that the product and samples are contaminated at source. Logically, it is more likely that sample contamination will occur during handling and transport, or in the testing environment. Such "false positive" results are frustrating and create real and extensive costs of extra investigation and retesting. Moreover, products may not be released for sale until such rework is complete with reliable (i.e. negative) results.

Safe and sterile

Getinge's ISOTEST series of sterility test isolators provides a safe and sterile self-contained environment for the most critical steps of the testing process: the opening of sample containers and testing process itself. This also reduces the need for maintenance of a sterile clean-room environment, reducing your overall costs even further.

Getinge is a market leader in this field with more than 25 years of experience installing these solutions and more than 350 installations worldwide.