Remote Manipulation

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Safe working inside a hot cell

Manipulators are remotely controlled devices which allow operators
to handle contaminated items from a protected zone some distance away.

Getinge La Calhène offers a comprehensive range of remote manipulator for the nuclear industry,
ranging from the
MA30, a simple, dexterous, small capacity model (3 daN), to the MT200,
a large capacity (20 daN) telescopic arm.
Between these two products the MA11.80 and the MT120
offer capacities of 7 and 12 daN. Getinge La Calhène provides also computer-aided robotized
manipulators: the MT 200 TAO.

Getinge La Calhène - MT120 remote manipulators
MT120 remote manipulators

Using the master arm, the operator moves a slave arm located in a "hot cell" which is
surrounded by a protective wall. The sensations of the slave arm are transmitted to the technician,
who views his work through a protective window or via a computer screen. From the most dextrous
to the most powerful, each system is designed and manufactured according to a production
process governed by a quality assurance system that is recognized and regularly assessed by our
customers. Getinge La Calhène is certified ISO 9001 for all its sites, and is NQA1 compliant in the
USA. All Getinge La Calhène manipulators guarantee confinement and radiological protection for
the operators.

A full range of accessories is available for each manipulator, for ease of use and simple change-over.