Securing infection control in clinics and practices with quick, safe turnaround

In a medical clinic or practice, getting goods back into circulation quickly sharply reduces the number of instruments required. All Getinge equipment and systems are designed to assure a quick but safe turnaround of your instruments. Moreover, a high loading capacity combined with a short process time is great for productivity. You actually need fewer instruments, and can cut your costs quite substantially over time.

Good ergonomics

A further significant consideration is where to place disinfection and sterilisation units, as well as ancillary equipment. Achieving a good ergonomic environment promotes a smooth workflow and reduces costs.

Equipment and more

Washer-disinfectors, sterilisers, sealers, workstations, trolleys, storage cabinets, shelves and accessories are combined in the most efficient, ergonomic and economical circulation systems for sterile goods. But assuring cost-efficient sterile processing takes a lot more than just the right equipment. That's why Getinge's complete solutions for clinics & practices also include advice on architectural planning, training, traceability, service & support and consumables.