Safety, ergonomics and productivity in hospital pharmacies

Modern hospital pharmacy production units are under increasing pressure to have the greatest productivity – but with total safety, the least resources and the lowest cost, while always giving quality-assured products. Getinge can help you achieve this.

The solution: advanced isolation technology

Cytotoxic drugs are an occupational health hazard, and there is growing evidence that traditional drug preparation systems are not safe enough. More and more hospital pharmacies now realise that the only way to fully assure the safety of both the patient and the pharmacist is to separate the compounding from the operator with a true physical barrier.

Today, Getinge's ISOCYT systems for drug compounding and reconstitution in hospital pharmacies are widely used all over the world. Getinge ISOCYT FREJA is a compact and productive system that provides the same sterility assurance level as in pharmaceutical manufacturing – a really safe and cost-efficient solution, which also offers better ergonomics, easier installation and lower operating costs.

Complete systems

In addition to outstanding isolators, Getinge supplies a complete range of cleaning, disinfection and sterilisation equipment, as well as a full range of user-friendly loading equipment and accessories.