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  • Getinge BioPharma Series Steam Sterilisers

    Getinge BioPharma Steam Sterilisers are based on compatible modular units that can be integrated and installed to form a complete solution based on your application requirements.

  • Getinge Life Science Series Steam Sterilisers

    Getinge Steam Sterilisers provide sterilisation for many types of applications in biomedical research, animal care facilities, vivariums and research laboratories.

  • GEV Steam/Air Mixture Sterilisers

    Getinge GEV Series Sterilisers (ventilator terminal sterilisers) are designed primarily for sterilising products that must be dry and ready for further handling immediately after the cooling phase.

  • GEC Water Cascade Sterilisers

    GMP regulations generally require terminal sterilisation of parenteral products after packaging. Getinge GEC (circulating-water terminal sterilisers or water-cascade sterilisers) are primarily intended for large volumes of liquids in sealed glass or plastic containers.

  • GEB Steam Sterilisers

    Getinge provides bio-containment steriliser systems for bio-safety facilities, and sterilisation and containment for laboratories.

  • STERSTAR 2 E-beam Tub Surface Sterilisers

    Getinge developed the STERSTAR 2 system in response to an emerging demand in the pharmaceutical industry, in conformity with GMP regulations, to provide surface sterilisation.

  • Steriliser Loading Equipment

    Getinge offers a wide range of steriliser loading accessories for many diverse applications.

Cleaning & Decontamination

Isolation & Containment

  • DPTE® Rapid Transfer Port System

  • ISOTEST Isolators

    Getinge ISOTEST isolators have been specifically designed for sterility test applications, providing continuous work flow.

  • ISOFLEX-R Isolators

    ISOFLEX-R is a rigid wall stainless steel and glass isolator equipped with a lift-up front window for easy loading. It can be used for many types of sterile handling.

  • ISOFLEX-S Isolators

    Getinge developed the ISOFLEX-S softwall isolators to answer your daily needs for sterile handling. These 3 and 4 glove devices allow for a large storage capacity.

  • Aseptic Filling Line Isolators

    Getinge offer isolators for aseptic filling and processing under GMP requirements. These isolators offer a safe environment for operation within this type of application.

  • Interface Isolators

    Connected to the clean side of a double-door/barrier steam steriliser or similar, Getinge's interface isolator allows for secure unloading of sterile products and/or components in an aseptic environment for storage and dispatching to production or lab processes.

  • Potent chemical handling Isolators

    Getinge's airtight isolator systems are pre-tested for high levels of reliability. Operators are provided a safe, ergonomic workplace.

  • Transfer Isolators

    Getinge's 3 or 4-glove transfer isolator is equipped with a DPTE® Beta flange system mounted on bellows and can be connected to an isolator without breaking containment during biopharma production.

  • Isolator Manipulation Devices

    Getinge La Calhène isolators can be provided with different manipulation systems adapting access to the process inside the isolator to the operator's hand.

  • Glove Leak Testers - GLT

    Getinge's two generations of Glove Leak Testers GLT and GLT2 are available for testing gloves during the use of an isolator.

  • Transfer Leak Testers - TLT

    The Transfer Leak Tester system (TLT), housed in a stainless steel case with casters, provides leak testing of DPTE® containers quickly and efficiently both before and after connection.

Closure Processing

  • Closure Processing System - CPS

    Getinge Closure Processing Systems (CPS) provides an unbroken chain of sterility, for efficient processing of all types of closures in conjunction with medium and high-speed filling lines.


  • Automated cage and bedding handling systems

    Getinge, in partnership with Detach AB, offers a complete solution for cage processing in bio-medical research, combining Detach AB's automated systems technology with Getinge's cleaning and decontamination systems.

  • Bedding handling vacuum system

    The Getinge bedding handling vacuum system is an automated bedding transportation solution that facilitates bedding handling for laboratory animal caging systems