Planning the Sterile Processing Department

The challenge is to guarantee the right supply to the OR at all times without having to safeguard with costly overcapacity of equipment and instruments. Getinge helps keep costs down while ensuring the right production level. With the right architectural planning, a seamless workflow is secured. This not only assures hygiene safety and maximum productivity – it also makes the workplace better for the staff, helping keep sick-leave costs down.


When planning we follow the concept of 3 zones and 2 barriers.



Soiled zone

Clean zone

Sterile zone

Flow of equipment

By designing with physical separation between Zones

  • 1:st the barrier avoids cross-contamination of goods spread by staff
  • 2:nd the barrier avoids mixing up clean & sterile goods

Soiled flow

Clean flow

Sterile flow

Soiled Trolleys

Clean Trolleys

Flow of materials

In a Sterile processing department it is not only the processed instruments that are needed in the different sets packed for the OR and other departments. Material such as Clean material and sterile disposables need to be brought into the Sterile processing department in a controlled and safe way.

Clean Material

Sterile disposable



Flow of staff

Planning and having a good building design

  • we can asure that correct staff working routines are followed
  • also avoid wrong human behavior

Staff soiled area

Staff clean area

Staff sterile area

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