Getinge Assure Mini Bowie-Dick Test Pack

  • Smaller test packs that free up valuable storage and shelf space
  • Reduced ink and paper use during the manufacturing process
  • Lower shipping costs; reduced weight and smaller size of test packs
  • Recyclability of all elements of test pack not needed after processing

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The Getinge Assure Mini Bowie-Dick Test Pack is the first Bowie-Dick Test Pack of its kind providing unique advantages in terms of size, performance, and environmentally friendly, post-sterilization benefits. The test pack is the size of a credit card and completely recyclable (aside from the test sheet which is kept by the facility as a record.) Unlike solutions from other manufacturers, Assure Mini Bowie-Dick test packs feature "green" advantages, as they are manufactured without the use of lead, toxic heavy metals, latex, and other pollutants.

Getinge donates $1 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation for each case purchased.

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Mini Bowie-Dick Test Pack


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