• Demonstrates your washer is working properly
  • Helps improve machine and staff performance
  • Assures patient and staff safety
  • Compliments existing reprocessing protocols
  • Traceability - evidence of due diligence
  • Provides objective data

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The TOSI® (Test Object Surgical Instrument) provides sterile processing professionals with a consistent, repeatable, reliable method for evaluating the cleaning effectiveness of their automated instrument washers, cart washers and ultrasonic washers.

TOSI® is comprised of blood-based proteins. TOSI® performs like dried blood from a cleaning perspective and something that no other test on the market can claim. It has undergone an extensive process to extract components from whole blood and have been rendered sterile well before the point-of-use in the construction of the TOSI® test. The non-hazardous soil is chemically engineered to mimic the challenging adhesive properties of human blood.

Technical data

Feature Benefit
Transparent Holder Allows visual evaluation of the cleaning efficiency
Stainless steel plate is scratched or grooved Replicates the uneven surfaces of surgical insrtuments
Plate is mounted in the holder at an angle Provides a gradually more difficult cleaning test from one end to the other

Ordering Information

Description Catalog Number
TOSI Test (30/box) 61301606695
TOSI Test Rack (3/pkg) 61301606696


Product specification

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Other material

Instructions for Use

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TOSI Poster

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Trouble Shooting Guide and Progress Log

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