Case Studies

Getinge Infection Control is always interested in learning about the different ways our customers uses our integrated- and complete solutions. Getinge's Case studies is based on interviews made with different stakeholders like managers at CSSDs, personnel at TSSUs or other relevant people working with Getinge's equipment.

The Case studies focuses on how the customer is working with our solutions and how it allows them to work more efficient, safer and more ergonomic to increase the workflow in their Sterile supply department, OR-department or other departments where Getinge's products are used.
We are always interested in how you benefit from working with Getinge's solutions, perhaps if you have a story you want to share with others, please contact

Below you will find information about Getinge's Case studies. You can choose to download them directly or read more about them.

Sunnybrook Case Study (PDF-document, 184 kB)The regional processing centre at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre recently faced the substantial challenge of increasing cleaning capacity to meet the current workload and anticipated future demand without increasing its operating budget. The solution, upgrading its cleaning and decontamination system to a highly automated system, met both objectives.